The Paper Fifrildi

Milli working in her studio

A graduate from Gimli High School, Milli discovered her interest in paper-making in the fall of 2007 when she began experimenting with some shredded paper. Her interest and ability have grown to produce some very interesting pieces. All the paper used is in its original colour and with some help from creative collaborators, the various products produced from the paper is also unique and beautiful.

The Paper Fifrildi is also part of the annual Interlake Wave Tour in June and September, along with the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Besides paper-making, Milli also enjoys sports, music, game shows, knitting, and a fine glass of wine. Milli has been able to show many people over the years that having an extra chromosome (Down syndrome) and autism shouldn't limit your abilities.

*The name 'Fifrildi' comes from Norse language, meaning 'Butterfly'.